XST-E722B - Tablet Security Stand   Product name: Tablets alarm display stand

Item: Tablet alarm display stand

Dimension: 220*152*132mm

Material: ABS

Color: black / white / silver

Standby: 15 days

Battery: 3.7V Lithium Battery

Technical Parameter:

  1. Dimension: 220*152*132mm
  2. Internal Battery type: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
  3. External power adapter: DC5V 1000MA
  4. Battery Standby Time: 2 weeks
  5. Charge indicator: charging in red, full in green
  6. Alarm sound: 105DB
  7. Alarm indication: LED red flashes
  8. Material: ABS
  9. Color: black and pearl white



  1. Low voltage alarm function: Voltage less than 3.3V, alarm to remind the charging
  2. Automatic detection alarm function: Automatic startup within 10 seconds if not artificial starting up
  3. Display charging function apply to: mobile, Tablet PC
  4. Host Base with charging function, battery standby time: 2 weeks, repeated use
  5. Short circuit alarm function: short-circuited, automatic alarm
  6. Infrared remote control function: remote start and disarm the alarm
  7. Disconnection alarm function: three contacts disconnection alarm
  8. Surface finished in UV anti scratch processing technology gives elegant appearance and high grade quality


Widely used in various types of mobile phones, cameras, MP4 and other Consumer Electronics products for Mobile phone supermarkets, used for loss prevention security of telecom mobile Unicom, digital city, digital camera counters, GPS counters, MP4 counters, appliances hypermarkets, supermarkets and various small electronic products exhibition of digital.



  1. Host base (with a rechargeable lithium battery inside) 1 pc
  2. Alarm sensor probe (with a magnetic back, paste 3M adhesive. extension cords ) 1 set
  3. Charger and USB charging cable 1 set
  4. Tablet charging adapter cable 1 pc
  5. Remote control 1 pc
  6. Operation Manual 1 pc
  7. Additional 3M adhesive and screws 1 set

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